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Protect Your Beautiful Brains Campaign

Wearing a helmet on your bike, you would think, is common sense. Making sure your children are wearing a helmets when on a bike/ scooter/ skateboard is a given – yet so many people do not do either of these things. This is something that we at Whiffle Pig want to change.

Since Rachel Pig & Annie Pig have taken to peddling like they’re being chased, around England in various events they thought it would be a good time to start marketing their new campaign. Your beautiful brains are so important and SO fragile, you really must take care of them. Accidents can happen at any time so we are not saying wear protective head gear whilst pottering round your house and garden but you are more likely to cause damage from falling off/ being knocked off your bike/ scooter. The repercussions of having a head injury to not only yourself but the people around you is enormous and life altering, even with a reasonably quick recovery.




To keep this campaign going we will be posting facts about your beautiful brains so you can appreciate that lovely squidgy mass which is reminding your legs to walk and your mouth to speak and finding new ways to encourage you to wear a helmet, it really does matter so much.