20th February 2016

The NatterJack is back!

  The NatterJack is officially live and rocking. For those of you new to this event it is a 27 bike ride from Ashbourne Cycle hire on […]
7th June 2016

Ride the Night 2016

Back in 2013 Annie Pig had this wild idea to enter herself in the bike event ‘Action for Charity – Ride the Night’. This was a […]
14th June 2016

Protect Your Beautiful Brains Campaign

Wearing a helmet on your bike, you would think, is common sense. Making sure your children are wearing a helmets when on a bike/ scooter/ skateboard is […]
7th July 2016

Virgin 64 Mile Cyclone Challenge.

After weeks of (mildly half effort) training Rachel & Annie Pig took to the Northumberland roads for the Cyclone Challenge. Rachel Pig was riding for Cancer Research […]