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How Do We Make A Difference

All projects entirely bespoke to each individual participant.

Whiffle Mail ensures that even those who are house bound are not forgotten.

Continuing the support from hospital ward to home and community

10 years of personal and professional experience in the care industry

Breast feeding support before and after the birth of your baby.

Workshops are Makaton friendly, making Whiffle Piglets accessible to children of all abilities.

Working closely with clinical staff to ensure all projects work cohesively with patient rehabilitation.

All of our projects are free to our service users.

Why do we do it?

  • Parent of a child on Children's Ward
    It was so great to see you. Your visits always cheer us up.Thank you for being so awesome!
    Parent of a child on Children's Ward
    Royal Derby Hospital
  • Patient
    The Whiffle Pig workshops have also provided a mental focus for me whilst at hospital, improving mood and keeping my outlook positive. The computer work has helped me develop the flexibility in my hands and fingers, whilst forcing me to get away from the bedside and be more active.

 Whiffle Pig has also helped me to get to know the other patients better, and I have also seen and heard other patients enjoying Whiffle Pig and looking forward to each meeting.
    Royal Derby Hospital
  • Patient
    It helps me gets me out of depressive ways… helps me get out of the house [bed]. My girls come to see and I show my daughters what I’ve done. They are worried about me [in hospital] but they like to see what I have done... It helps my mind... Listen and support. I appreciate it, I think it’s wonderful.
    Neurological Rehabilitation, Royal Derby Hospital
  • Clinical Psychologist
    I have been impressed by their ability to step back from their work and consider how they can improve and grow as a service.
    Clinical Psychologist
    Royal Derby Hospital
  • Nurse
    The Whiffle Pig staff are so friendly and helpful to patients that no project is too big and allows all patients to feel welcome and well supported, which is sometimes in a busy hospital environment is not very easy to achieve.
    Royal Derby Hospital
  • Patient
    I felt that Whiffle Pig listened and was interested in what people were talking about and their ideas.
    Kings Lodge Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapist
    Through their own personal experiences, Whiffle Pig has a deep understanding of how lives can be affected by brain injuries.
    Occupational Therapist
    Neurological Rehabilitation Unit
  • Highly Specialised Speech & Language Specialist
    It is very motivating and we observe significant benefits in terms of behavioural activation, cognitive engagement, functional movement and communicative success.
    Highly Specialised Speech & Language Specialist
    Royal Derby Hospital
  • Patient
    This is tiring, but it's exciting being out because it's better than being sat on the ward bored to bloody death!
    Stroke Unit

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