Old Abbotsholmian Annie Pig

As some of you know we are in the process of trying to help the neurological rehabilitation unit rebuild their sensory garden. Our aim for this is to have as much staff and patient involvement as possible rather than bringing in outside artists.

Recently Annie Pig got in contact with her old school to ask them if they wanted to help Whiffle Pig by letting us use their Design & Technology block so we could make bird tables, insect houses and sensory frames using up cycled wood we scavenged from various people’s houses. The morning was a great success with some of the pupils joining in with some really fantastic skills. In just two and a half hours we managed to produce three sensory frames, three insect houses and five bird houses! All of these the patients will decorate to their own styling.

Planting bee friendly plants and encouraging birds into the garden will use a very simple way for patients, their families and the staff to relax by watching them flit about – knowing they have played a part in making them themselves will also build their self confidence with a sense of achievement.

We want to thank the staff and pupils at Abbotsholme school for helping us out and look forward to our future projects together.



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