Charity Cycling fundraising

Virgin 64 Mile Cyclone Challenge.

After weeks of (mildly half effort) training Rachel & Annie Pig took to the Northumberland roads for the Cyclone Challenge. Rachel Pig was riding for Cancer Research UK in memory of her wonderful mum and auntie and Annie Pig was riding for Bloodwise in memory of their lovely friend Jack. As well as riding for those amazing people and incredible charities they also used this time (as they were aware it may take them a while) to launch their ‘Protect Your Beautiful Brains’ campaign donning their new cycle tops and knitted brain helmet covers made by a fellow fundraising cyclist.


Brains 01


Brains 02

We asked said fine lady to write a bit about why she began making knitted bobble hats for bikes:
“Back in 2012 I finished a years treatment for breast cancer. I was in hospital for a follow up appointment when I opened a magazine and saw an advert for Women v Cancer cycle Cuba which is where these challenges started for me. The Cuba cycle was perfect as it meant I had to get fit which I had lost over the year of treatment, It also gave me a way of paying back as I knew I wanted to help make a difference. So I have set myself a challenge to do at least 5 overseas challenges and 5 Ride The Nights all raising money for the 3 Women v Cancer charities. It was leading up to the 2nd Ride The Night that I came up with the idea of bobble hats for cycle helmets as a way to raise some of my fundraising and I have been knitting and bobble making ever since. So far there are > 200 in Team bobble hat raising > £2.5k.
It is so lovely to see ladies sporting their bobble hats knowing we are all doing these challenges for our individual reasons but all raising funds too. It’s occurred to me if the reason that some people choose not to wear a cycle helmet is how they look it could be argued as part of your ‘Protect Your Beautiful Brain’ campaign that they could adopt a cycle bobble hat too!” – Jacqui Batterbee.


J 1 J 2 J 3 J 4

This was the biggest challenge Rachel & Annie Pig had done to date but the beautiful weather coupled with the incredible views and outstanding support from the villages who posted home made cakes into our mouth as we went pelting past really gave us an almighty wallop of a boost – and every time we hit a hum dinger of a hill (which did happen quite a bit) we just gritted our teeth and remembered why we signed up for this and powered on through to the end.


Brains 04
We will be entering next year so do let us know if any of you want to join us – it is not for the weak hearted but the home made cake and the chance to sport one of the amazing brain hats is totally worth it!
Brains 03