Book launch and exhibition.

For those of you who don’t know the recent book ‘If not now – when?’ by Annie Pig was written following a photography project she started with her step father in 2011. Annie’s step father had a serious head injury in 2008 after a fall down the stairs leading to him changing entirely both mentally and physically. The photo project was initially done as something to occupy and help them during this time, following his death – when Annie exhibited the work they did together in his memory – it became apparent that it had a very powerful outcome. It was suggested then that their story should be made into a book.




On this day the old photo project was shown along with the book with the option to buy. The entire profit from the book goes back into Whiffle Pig to help fund the workshops. It was an incredibly emotional and very busy day and it also meant that Whiffle Pig’s lovely Treasurer was able to take part and travelled down from her homestead in Edinburgh. So many people came to see our work and our book as well as seeing some of the beautiful work produced by the artists chosen to exhibition around the walls of the Royal Derby.




Thank you everyone who took the time to come and support us and especially those who brought the book too. If you are interested in buying a copy please visit our online shop and we will post it out to you. As well as buying on here you can also buy from Scarthin Bookshop in Cromford, they also have a very fine collection of cake so do settle in and roll around in the salted caramel chocolate slice… as we did…