‘If Not Now – When?’ by Annie Fielder

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A story about Geoff, a gentleman who fell down the stairs.

All profit from this book goes to fund our Whiffle Pig workshops.

Testimonials from readers:

“I lost my sister to osteoporosis over a period of 4 increasingly horrible years and the book bought back the whole gamut of emotions we went through. I just wish I had found a book like this to read at the time, I am sure it would have helped a great deal.”

“You drew me in and kept me utterly absorbed, however harrowing it was. What held me was the way you told the story and shaped it; your skill as a writer, in fact. You knew when to go into detail and when to hold back, and you made those awful years come alive for the reader.”

“The book itself not only an informative and useful book but a wonderful example of your huge loving kindness and huge desire to do good.”

“When most people sweep serious illness and death into a corner and do anything rather than talk about it, you’ve kept a detailed account over nearly 5 years and been able to recall it all in print… I would like to thank you for doing something that so many people could not do.”



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