Bloodwise Charity Cycling fundraising NatterJack

The NatterJack is back!



The NatterJack is officially live and rocking. For those of you new to this event it is a 27 bike ride from Ashbourne Cycle hire on the Tissington Trail to Parsley Hay and back. It has home made cake stops along the old railway stations which are free to the cyclists. There are Whiffle Pig workshops, arts & crafts and general merriment happening at the start/finish line for those who can’t ride and for family members.
This event is to raise money for Bloodwise in the memory of our wonderful friend Jack. This event was started last year as support for Jack and his lovely finance Nat when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, something for them to focus on during his month of aggressive therapy and something for all of his friends and family to get involved in wholeheartedly. Nat & Jack even managed to surprise us all on the day by coming from hospital to greet us all sweaty, exhausted and utterly elated.
Race photo
Jack passed away last month leaving us all desperately saddened . He loved the NatterJack and was so happy we were going again this year – we intend to run this every year from now on.
Bloodwise are such a good charity. They have supported us all from the very beginning of this journey and were kind enough to invite us along to meet the professors working in the lab, to see the work they are doing to try and fight and stop blood cancers. Please watch us for all the fund raisers we do to support this charity and take part in as many as possible – we could save a life!
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