Recently Mandy Pig & Annie Pig took their first steps into becoming Regional Makaton tutors.
The core of Whiffle Pig is listening to what the patients and their families really want then finding a way to achieve it. During our two months running pilot workshops in Puffin Ward (the children’s ward) we spoke to parents of disabled children who said they would love to have a better ability to communicate with their children, out of all the activities and projects we said we could offer to them, that was something they really wanted. So we plan to offer this – for free – to families who are living with communication difficulties.

Aside from offering it for free we will also be qualified to train up anyone who is interested in teaching it themselves with all of the profit from the cost of the training going back into Whiffle Pig to fund all of our projects and workshops.

Mandy and Annie really enjoyed themselves with a great tutor and everyone on the course being just as keen as they were.